2021 aasta helduspidu

Dzogchen Shri Singha Europe kutsub sind osalema 2021. aastal esmakordselt toimuval Euroopa helduspeol, mille üks peamisi eesmärke on toetada Euroopa retriidikeskust Austrias.

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Bringing Dharma to Life!

An Auspicious Launch of our Annual Generosity Campaign

Join us on Saturday, November 20th, for the 2021 European Generosity Celebration! In
this online event all of the European Sangha will gather to rejoice and celebrate in the
generosity of those who have offered their support and generate the financial resources
to accomplish all of our virtuous goals in the future. This one-of-a-kind celebration will
unite our hearts and minds in the spirit of giving and rejoicing. Once you register on the
registration page, you’ll receive the link to the 2021 European Generosity Celebration in
which we kick-off our Annual Giving Campaign.
We really look forward to celebrating with all of you!

The Dzogchen Retreat Center Europe

Come and be a part of the creation of a Buddhist retreat center in Europe:
The Dzogchen Retreat Center Europe. Here we all have the opportunity to make a
better future for both ourselves and others, under the guidance of our Holy Vajra Master
His Eminence Dzogchen Khenpo Choga Rinpoche, precious Bodhi Lama Rita,
venerable Bodhi Lama Erik and other dear teachers of the Dzogchen Buddha Path
tradition. The retreat center offers retreats, teachings, workshops, practices, and other
events accessible for everyone.

Since January 2020 numerous people around the world have taken the first steps to
make the DRCE flourish. The power of working together is immeasurable. A lot has
been done, and there is always more to do.

Donations are very important for the retreat center, as they enable financing the running
costs. Generous one-time donations or monthly donations help to pay off the loan, as
well as to renovate and maintain the retreat center.
Please join and support us; be a part of creating this seed of World Peace in the center
of Europe.

2022 Brings More Challenges and Greater Opportunities

The Dzogchen Shri Singha Association Europe and the Dzogchen Buddha Path
Sangha have responded to the extreme challenges of the pandemic, economic distress,
and ongoing social strife by bringing Dharma to life for many students and participants
of our events, teachings, and programs. The best response to difficult times is to
practice Dharma. With your support, we will expand on the countless hours of internet
and real life Dharma teachings, practices, ceremonies, and celebrations that we have
already provided and bring more Dharma to more people.

We have grown so much that this year we are expanding our yearly fundraising drive in
four directions – Asia, Russia, North America and here in Europe – with regional
celebrations and fundraising campaigns designed to support our local retreat centers
and Dharma centers.

Time is of the Essence

Autumn is the time of harvest and abundance and this year we are offering this
opportunity for celebration and generosity practice with a glorious 2021 European
Generosity Celebration on Saturday, November 20th. You can participate in this joyful
celebration online from 14:00-16:30 MET. Please consider making a year-end pledge
and commitment to support our holy Dharma base, the Dzogchen Retreat Center
Europe throughout 2022. Your support has a great impact on making the DRCE and all
Dharma activities successful!

Thank you for your Generosity

Many of you have directly benefited from the unbroken lineage of Buddha Shakyamuni’s
teachings as transmitted by Our Vajra Master, H.E. Dzogchen Khenpo Choga Rinpoche.
You know firsthand that your support of these teachings, this sacred Dharma system,
and holy Sangha gathering places has benefitted countless beings! Lives have
transformed, due in large measure to the generous contributions of the past. Please
continue your support or join the growing ranks of those supporting the Dzogchen
Buddha Path Dharma System!

Help us realize Dzogchen Khenpo Choga’s Rinpoche’s vision for establishing a Dharma system.

Sean D. Young, President, Dzogchen Shri Singha Foundation USA

Ways to Offer Generous Support

● Attend the 2021 European Generosity Celebration on Nov. 20, 2021 –
14:00-16:30 MET. Register by clicking on the following link.
After filling in the form, the link to the event will be emailed to you.
● Even if you cannot join the Generosity Celebration event on November 20th, we
encourage you to support the DRCE with a donate directly to our Bank Account:
Dzogchen Shri Singha Europe
IBAN: AT19 2025 6000 0092 9133
(St. Pölten Austria)
Paypal: paypal.me/buddhapatheu
If you’d like to make a recurring monthly donation to our Bank account, note :
your email address and name.

Generosity is the root of wealth! We dedicate our merit to the flourishing of the
Dzogchen Buddha Path Lineage in this world.